Love Meditation

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2019 - A new beginning

2019, a three year, brings a gentle new beginning as we close a seven year cycle that began in 2012. This is a time of great promise for many. There will be a dance of soft but focused and directed movement forward filled with vision toward the future. A time of balancing masculine and feminine energies within to share in the greater reflection of the whole of humanity is upon us. Balance will the corner stone of which our future is built upon. Laid at your feet before you will be an abundance of opportunities. Choose wisely as you sift through the plenitude of experiences calling to you. The vision of your life needs to remain at the forefront of all that calls your attention to ensure that you remain aligned with the deeper expression that you long for. Be very selective where you distribute your energy. Remain true to what is yours to do. It is time to fully disengage from the past to free your energy to create forward momentum in the direction of lightness and joy. Value each moment of 2019 as it contain a speed of light energy that enjoys being appreciated and recognized as it is occurring. Time will seem fleeting so every chance to slow down and be present will contribute to your enjoyment of this year. Like the ocean's tide, 2019 will have its own rhythm, relax into it and it will carry you safety to the shore. Have a beautful and blessed year. All my love, Elizabeth aka Lisa

Filled with light encoded vibrational frequencies, healing crystals, essences and so much more, 2019 has been specially prepared for you though a little alchemy and a lot of love. The specially programmed water is ready to receive your specific intention thereby supporting your energy field to energetically resonate with your desired creation for 2019.

Each bottle of 2019 comes with a very special invitation to be a part of a group Resonance Repatterning Session to take place by proxy before the stroke of midnight on 12/31.  Considered it an extra layer of support toward actualizing your dreams in 2019. Instruction on how to participate are located on each bottle. I am so excited to see what we can create when we enlist the power of energetic alignment and vibrational resonance to guide us.

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