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100% Far Infrared Light

Healing Light Sauna Company

Proud Distributor of the 99%  Far Infrared Light Portable Relax Sauna

The Far Infrared Light Sauna offered at Healing Light Sauna Company is the only sauna that uses a patented semi-conductor chip that guarantees 100% Far Infrared Light (FIR).  The semi-conductor chip has a computer program embedded in it that filters out all of the non-healing energies, so that you get a full dose of the far infrared light, which penetrates the skin about 1-2 inches. No wooden sauna can match this technology. Some use carbon; others use ceramic chips.  But the semi-conductor chip used by this Sauna is documented by the FDA to emit 100% absorbable Far Infrared Light (between 4 and 14 microns), and the technologically appears to be far more advanced than the technologies used by other saunas.  The Relax Sauna technology is also listed with the FDA as a medical device.

Some of the reasons why our customers and health professionals prefer the FIR Sauna we distribute to other FIR Saunas :

​1.  Medical Device Technology.  Advanced semi-conductor chip - giving 100% FIR 4-14 um. 

2.  We are Pro-Choice.  We give you the option to put your head inside or outside the tent. 

3.  We are a Green Product.  We recycle the Far Infared Ray Light . We use silver in our         reflecting tent.

4.  Completely Portable with its own carrying case. Weighs just 18 lbs. Tent Folds easily.

5.  Medical Device Quality at an affordable Price. ​

6.  No Warm-up Time.  You start feeling good, warm and toasty in about 30 seconds.

​7.  Complete Sweat in 15-20 minutes.  Usually takes only 8 minutes to start sweating.
​8.  Takes up very little space - Sit Up or Lie Down Models.  Very small “Footprint” 

9.  Comes with quality insulated comfortable chair.  Fold towel on seat, drape 2nd towel.
10. Very Easy to Clean.  Zip up Sauna. Turn Sauna on.  Kills bacteria in 5 minutes.
11. Scientific Documentation & Research. We have papers validating quality & effectiveness.

12.  We are receiving testimonials every day.  Many are from people who have owned wooden FIR Saunas.
13.  The cost of using is about 12 cents an hour.

14.  The nylon tent with silver impregnated in it is not porous like wood, and does not attract bacteria. 15.  It is very easy to set up  (3-4 minutes), and very easy to tear down 
​(1 minute).

16.  The Sauna radiators only generate a FIR very warm healing light.  The skin does NOT get hot.