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Change your resonance and change your life. What would you like to resonate with or better yet what would you prefer not to resonate with?

Everything is an energetic match! It is very simple to know what you are resonating with, simply look around at what you are currently experiencing or not experiencing in your life. This is a major tell. In your life would you like a little more of this and a little less of that? If you are like most people you do. Are you doing everything within your power to move towards your desired outcome, but for some reason the results or the new reality you desire continue to elude you or you experience them briefly and then it is back to status quo? If you "resonate" with this statement then you may find Resonance Repatterning to be a fresh and welcomed change to shift the results that you have been experiencing.

Quantum Physics explains to us that everything is energy and that we are living in a sea of energy. All frequencies are organized into patterns, either coherent or non-coherent. Identifying these specific patterns and transforming your resonance with them is a process called Resonance Repatterning (RR). RR is based on the idea--that everything has a vibration, or resonance, and that what we resonate or vibrate with, is what we will experience.  The beauty of RR is that it helps us to identity unconscious patterns (usually created before the age of 10) that are playing out under our awareness and supports shifting the frequency pattern to hold more coherent wave forms so that we resonate with what we prefer to experience instead. While affirmations, intentions and visualizations are amazing tools, they fall short if we don't fully resonate with what we are affirming, intending or visualizing.

Resonance Repatterning helps to clear the beliefs, behaviors and negative emotions that created disharmony in our lives.  These non-coherent patterns create static or interference that prevent people from having the happiness, abundance, and fulfillment in work, love and health that desire. Resonance Repatterning gently brings the unconscious patterns into the light of the day so they can be addressed.  

Resonance Repatterning supports clearing defeating patterns, getting unstuck, and creating positive change in any area of life.  Most clients find the work to be powerful, yet gentle, and highly effective in helping make desired changes in a way that feels easy and natural. 

Resonance Repatterning Testimonial


Dealing with some tough issues, I decided to give Resonance Repatterning a try. I was skeptical and not expecting much to come of it, but to say I was pleasantly surprised is an understatement. Resonance Repatterning with Lisa was an experience like no other. I can honestly say that I gained more perspective after one session with Lisa than I did from years of therapy. During the session, Lisa helped me to bring emotions to the surface and recognize thought and behavior patterns that were hindering me and my relationships. Letting go of these patterns was not immediate, but recognizing them was and that was an integral part of making positive changes in my life.

While it took some time for me to completely change these patterns, my session with Lisa brought about an immediate change in my perspective. It also gave me a sense of hope, which in turn brought incredible relief to my body and mind. It was like a weight had been lifted from me. Moving forward, on the occasions when I would revert back to my old patterns, it was no longer problematic because with the insights and tools that I gained from Lisa I was able to internally shift my perspective on my own. For me, this is what made this experiences so unique and valuable. It was not just the feeling of release and relief that I experienced during the session that were so beneficial. It was what I took away with me that has helped me to improve my relationships and achieve an ongoing sense of internal calm. This calm is something that I had yearned for but never experienced until I experienced Resonance Repatterning with Lisa. I am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to experience Lisa's gentle yet powerful form of healing. It has truly been life changing.

DM-New Jersey

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