Resonance Repatterning

Change your resonance and change your life. What do you want to resonate with or better yet what don't you want resonate with?

It is very simple to know what you resonate with, simply look around at what you are experiencing or not experiencing in your life. This is a major tell. Everything is an energetic match. Would you like a little more of this and a little less of that? If you are like most people you do. Are you doing all the right things to move towards your desired outcome, but for some reason the results or the new reality you desire continues to elude you or you experience it briefly and then it is back to status quo? If you "resonate" with this statement then you may find Resonance Repatterning to be a fresh and welcomed change to shift the results you have been experiencing.

Quantum Physics teaches us that everything is energy and that we are living in a sea of energy. All frequencies are organized into patterns, coherent or non-coherent. Identifying these specific patterns and transforming your resonance with them is a process called Repatterning. Resonance Repatterning is based on the idea--that everything has a vibration, or resonance, and that what we resonate or vibrate with, is what we will experience.  The beauty of Resonance Repattering is that it helps us identity what we resonate with and not only identify it, but to shift the frequency so that we resonate with want we want instead. While affirmations, intentions and visualizations are amazing tools, they fall short if we don't resonate with what we are affirming, intending or visualizing.

Resonance Repatterning  helps to  clear the beliefs, behaviors and negative emotions that create limitation in your life.  Much of what holds you back comes from subconscious patterns, or programming, usually created before the age of 10.  These subconscious patterns create static or interference that prevent you from having the happiness, abundance, and fulfillment in work, love and health that you desire.  These patterns are below your conscious awareness and have a major impact on your life. Resonance Repatterning gently brings the unconscious patterns into the light so they can be addressed.  

Resonance Repatterning can be useful in clearing defeating patterns, getting unstuck, and creating positive change in any area of life.  Most clients find the work to be powerful, yet gentle, and highly effective in helping make desired changes in a way that feels easy and natural. 

Approximately 1-hour $150

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