for the love of beauty + energy healing

for the love of beauty + energy healing

for the love of beauty + energy healing for the love of beauty + energy healing

Welcome to Spiritual Beauty

"There is no magic potion for beauty like happiness”

Beauty is love.

Seeing the beauty in ourselves is a process of self-discovery and self-love. Though it is not always easy to be self-reflective, it is a vital part of expanding our consciousness. Our life experiences have left impressions on us. Some more than others. Gleaning the lessons from our experiences, making peace with them and letting go, consciously as well as subconsciously, allows us to be free of shame, regret and unforgiveness supporting us to embrace our true authentic beauty and magnificence.  

Our outer beauty is a reflection of the state of our entire being, physical and non-physical. We are so much more than our physical body, as quantum physics has taught us. The non-physical, our subtle emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual bodies are equally as important to our beauty and 

well-being as our physical body and greatly influences our level of happiness. As an Energy Worker and an Aesthetician, my approach to beauty and well-being supports all aspects of your being for meaningful transformation at the root cause level.

The services offered at Spiritual Beauty 

draw upon the natural healing systems of ancient and present day teachings. In addition to beautifying and caring for the optimal health of your skin, anything that may be limiting your true expression of beauty and joy will be energetically addressed to gently shift and be released. 

Healthy skin is beautiful skin + beautiful skin is love.

Experience the difference-

with love & gratitude, 



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