Wish the perfect gift to give and receive!


it is my wish that your wish comes true! xoxo


Make a WISH!

When you give the gift of WISH, to yourself or another, you are supporting creation. As a wish comes true, joy bursts forth into the universe reminding us of the magic of miracles and of our divine creative gifts and capacities!

Particles of energy are swirling around us everywhere.  Even though we can't see them, they love to play and create with us. We are energy and we live in a sea of energy.  Everything we choose to WISH for or intend to create has its own unique energetic vibration or frequency that it most naturally resonates with. Vibrational alignment is the guiding force behind our creations. When we are in vibrational alignment with our WISH our frequency resonates with our WISH's frequency. This alignment is an important creative key that is often overlooked.  When we become an energetic match to our WISH, we add a layer of support to our creation. This is where WISH, the remedy, lends a helping hand.  Each vibrational ingredient contained within WISH has been specifically selected for you with heavenly guidance infused together with love to support the alignment and actualization of your hearts desire.  

Water is the purest substance on our planet. It has memory and is programmable. The precious water used in WISH is prepared for you through an ancient alchemical process to support the WISH you impart to it to come true. To this glistening water, essences from Mother Earth and supporting celestial bodies form a proprietary blend of vibrations to support the creation of your WISH. In addition, three clear quartz crystals known as natural amplifiers of energy blended with frequencies of sound and color provides another dimension of magnetism. 

It is my wish that your WISH comes true.💜

Each bottle of WISH comes with a special gift. On the label is a website address to submit your WISH to be repatterned to further support your energy field to RESONATE with your WISH through a process called, "Resonance Repatterning".