it is my wish that your wish comes true! xoxo


Make a WISH!!

Everything is energy. You are energy. You are so much more than your physical body. You are infinite.

When this magical mist is sprayed in your energy field around your body it supports bringing your entire being into vibrational alignment with your wish.

Each bottle has been lovingly handcrafted for you and for those you love through an ancient alchemical process. The mist is filled with vibrations from nature that are activated through your focused intent to align your 

frequencies into resonance with your wish.

Wish is the best gift to give or receive whether to yourself or to another.

It was birthed out of a desire to support others to actualize their heartfelt wishes and dreams into form. When it is our wish that anothers wish comes true the world becomes a little more beautiful.

As beings that are holographic in nature, we are all part of the whole.

We are all connected energetically and because of this we able to participate in energy sessions over long distance.

Each bottle of WISH comes with a special gift. On the label is a website address to submit your WISH to be repatterned to further support your energy field to RESONATE with your WISH.

All submissions are confidential and anonymous.