it is my wish that your wish comes true! xoxo

WISH was inspired by my purest desire to create more magic in our world and in the lives of those we hold so dear. I believe that when it is our wish that another's wish comes true the world becomes more beautiful!     

Each bottle of WISH is lovingly handmade and filled with blessings from nature that support bringing each individual into energetic alignment with their heartfelt wish. Water is a carrier of vibrational information. Water is programmable through intention. Each bottle of WISH has been prepared to receive your intention.

WISH has been co-created for you through divine guidance with intentionally receptive waters energized with Moon, Sun and Celestial Light to which crystals, essences, sound, color and essential oils are added to synergistically shift and support your Aura to resonate and attune with your truest WISH. 

Your WISH comes complete with a complimentary gift from my heart to yours. Simply submit your wish to the website listed on your bottle to receive an additional layer of vibrational WISH support.

Purchase $33