Love Potion #7

Love Potion #7 was created to support you to vibrate with frequency of love, not just romantic love, but unconditional love of self and towards others.

Each remedy contains three crystals to support your intention. Love Potion contains the gifts of:

​Rose Quartz to balance the heart chakra + encourage unconditional love. 

Garnet to symbolize love, devotion and security.

Clear Quartz to amplify + draw your intention of love to you. 

Intentional Remedies are lovingly handmade for you though a fairy inspired ritual with angelic guidance and love using cleared water charged with moonbeams, sunlight & heavenlight which along with beneficial gemstones, flower essences & essential oils combine to shift your energy field so you can resonate with and create your desired intention. ​

How to use: 

Spray above your head to allow its gentle mist to fall in your energy field. It is also commonly used to reset the energy of your space. As you spray the mist it is recommended that you hold desired your intention in mind or feel free to use the one we created for you on the label. Keep out of reach of children. Do not spray directly on your skin or objects.

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