2020 - a vibrational alignment mist

2020 - Coherence + Alignment + Creation

This handcrafted vibrational alignment mist that been created especially for you through a divinely guided alchemical process using water energized with moonlight, sunlight + heavenlight to which crystals, essences, sound, color + essential oils are added to synergistically shift + support your energy field to resonate with your heart’s desire for 2020.

2020 offers a trinity of crystalline support to your intention + contains the gifts of:


offers calm + steady energy filled with respect + authenticity.

Black Tourmaline

to purify, protect, ground + center into alignment.

Clear Quartz

to amplify + draw your intention to you. 


My foundation is strong + adaptive. I create my 2020 vision from the light of pure alignment + everything is clear now!

2020 Intentional Resonance was created with guidance from spirit to support your dreams in coming true. Toward the beginning of each upcoming year, a new Vibrational Alignment Mist is birthed to support you in resonating with your intentions. For many setting an intention for the new year is the easy part..being in vibrational alignment with it is not always so easy.  There are many unconscious energetic structures running underneath our intentions. Many of these negate our desire without us even knowing that it is happening. You see your desire has a frequency and you may not be an energetic match to it for a variety of reasons. This can create a lot of frustration when you are doing everything in your power to create something new or different.  The 2020 Vibrational Alignment Mist complete with the Gift of Resonance is designed to support you in clearing the path towards your dreams free of unconscious patterns, codes, beliefs, programs and more that may be limiting the expression of your desired creation. As a Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner, it is my honor to support you in actualizing the life of your dreams! If you would like to learn more 2020 Intentional Resonance or to pick up a bottle please stop into Spiritual Beauty during our holiday retail hours. 2020 Mist is the perfect holiday gift to give to another or to yourself. The complimentary Gift of Resonance Group Repatterning will be done before the stroke of midnight on 12/31/19 with additional date of 1/25/20..please be sure to submit your intentions before then! I am excited to see what you will create!  

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Get ready! It is coming are you ready?