2020 - a vibrational alignment mist

2020 - Coherence + Alignment + Creation

This handcrafted vibrational alignment mist that been created especially for you through a divinely guided alchemical process using water energized with moonlight, sunlight + heavenlight to which crystals, essences, sound, color + essential oils are added to synergistically shift + support your energy field to resonate with your heart’s desire for 2020.

2020 offers a trinity of crystalline support to your intention + contains the gifts of:


offers calm + steady energy filled with respect + authenticity.

Black Tourmaline

to purify, protect, ground + center into alignment.

Clear Quartz

to amplify + draw your intention to you. 


My foundation is strong + adaptive. I create my 2020 vision from the light of pure alignment + everything is clear now!

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Get ready! It is coming are you ready?